I had forgotten how to play.

Not an instrument. Nor the exacting rules of a board game. I had forgotten how to play, full stop.

The Economy has transformed me into an entrepreneur. How can I monetize this or that activity. How can I transform my hobbies into a sustainable business. It’s exhausting.

But lately, the kids have been teaching me to play. We aimlessly run around the back yard. We blow bubbles for the pure joy of seeing them ascend to heaven, or burst on the ground. We share an experience to which there is no point, and that’s the point.

A call with a friend offered discernment. Sharing is better than selling. Selling isn’t bad. But when you sell, you make (and indefinitely support) products. When you share, you make (and unquantifiably enjoy) play.

I want to play a full season. And maybe I’ll share some of those things here, free of charge.

Published: 2020-04-21

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