Every Wednesday my todo application places a task on my agenda for the day.

It doesn’t say Write Newsletter. Writing and publishing are one and the same, at this point. Maybe in some future I’ll have a backlog of written content, just waiting to be published. But for now, I’m living week to week on this writing experiment.

Wednesday evenings are the perfect time to write. It’s when Emily is volunteering. The kids are already in bed. I’ve got a solid hour or two to play with an idea, step away for a few minutes, edit, refresh the tea, proof read, and send.

But not tonight. I followed Emily’s altruism by giving my time to another’s efforts. Which left me with minutes to write… something. How’d it turn out?

Just so we’re clear: these words are the bare minimum of keeping the promise to myself that I’ll publish every week on Wednesday.

Dopamine hit.

Published: 2020-10-29

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