Bring your own static site generator

Configuration. Who wants it? Not me!

Eleventy is great. Jekyll is great. All the static-site-generators are great.

I don’t want to configure them. I don’t want to maintain the configuration of them. I don’t want to upgrade them over time.

I do want to control my own little system from end-to-end.

Call it procrastination. Call it having fun. At the end of the day, I know my sensibilities. I don’t want dependencies. I want a feature-light, do-it-yourself website.

So that’s what I’m building.

My static site generator is a Rakefile. It mostly invokes pandoc to transform Markdown into HTML. RSS::Maker.make builds the RSS feed. One special task generates the index page. A little bit of Ruby glues it all together.

No Gemfile. No package.json. There’s two dependencies. The Ruby standard library and pandoc. I’m optimistic that I can replace pandoc with RDoc::Markdown and ERB templates. Maybe—someday—if the pandoc dependency proves too heavy.

It’s not much. I like it. And I’ll sleep easy knowing that I’ll never have to run bundle update or npm update again.

Published: 2022-07-11

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