My Bookmarking Bookmarklet

I iterated on my bookmarklet for authoring a new post. I’ve been sharing more links to other blogs with a few quotes or brief comments. The process for this has been a slog.

With my new bookmarklet, the slog parts are mostly automated, with room for tweaks as I go.

Here’s the source, which I’ve also saved as a GitHub gist to track the diff over time.

var date = new Date()
date.setHours(date.getHours() - date.getTimezoneOffset() / 60)
date = date.toISOString().split("T").at(0)
var title = window.prompt("What's a good starter title?", document.title)
var slug = window.prompt("what's a good slug?", title.toLowerCase().replace(/\s+/g, "-"))
var filename = "content/posts/" + date + "-" + slug +".md"
var value = "#bookmark\n\n# [" + title + "](" + window.location.toString() + ")\n\n" 
var quote = window.getSelection().toString()
if (quote) value += "> " + quote + "\n\n"

var url = new URL("")
url.searchParams.append("filename", filename)
url.searchParams.append("value", value)

Published: 2022-09-14

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