Booking a haircut

My barber is not available. Not because they’re fully booked. Their name no longer appears in the dropdown on the website. Before filtering by date.

I have more feelings about this than anticipated.

Excitement. Where did they go? A move across town to pursue something better? Found love that took them across the country? Out of the country? What are they streaming?

Dread. Other stylists at this barbershop have not met expectations. I’ve given round robin booking a fair shake. Maybe there’s a reason the one person who gave a consistent haircut is no longer there.

Some people outperform others. They’ll move on from environments where mediocrity is celebrated.

I prefer the narrative of growth. Truth be told; they may have been let go. I’m not calling to get the truth. I’ve got things to do. Like booking a haircut.

Published: 2023-01-20

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