I will benefit from being wrong in public

This entry is not for you. It’s for me.

Every time I write publicly I reinforce the kind of person I want to become. It’s about growing as a self. And that growth is supported by the scaffolding of public commitments.

An idea captured in private is mostly useless. A tree that has fallen in the woods does not provide ambient b-roll. Ideas written and transmitted hold value. That value is testable. It could grow. It could crash. It could calcify. It could validate. Are metaphors of economics or nature more helpful for processing? None of these outcomes can be known until an idea is shared.

Learning is my goal. I’ve exhausted the limits of introspection. I require the friction of community.

Friction slows. Friction generates heat. Friction provides traction. Frictionless environments lack any meaningful connection. Pure gravity. Meaning slipping away.

I’ll benefit from being wrong in public. I’ll repent when corrected. The gift and grace of having permission to change both mind and actions.

Published: 2023-07-07

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