Start a blog

My goal is to start a blog. I’ve danced around it for years. Decades, even.

2000 was the first year I had dedicated server space. I’ve always had a lot of thoughts. I’m realizing that thoughts are better scrutinized when written down. Three weeks of thoughts become sunk costs. Maybe once written, they wouldn’t survive three minutes of honest reflection or peer examination.

The goals of my blog:

Constraints of my blog:

I wrote the draft above in May of 2022. It was never published. I’m now mostly there.

I’ve got my home grown static site generator. Micropub gets content from iA Writer to GitHub Issues. Tonight I wrote the script that converts a GitHub issue into a published entry.

I’m going to publish this post from iA Writer and one click on the GitHub website.

The only thing missing? My lil’ Ruby scripts don’t support an entry without a title. Yet. I’ve got a test harness in place. Adding that feature will go smoothly. Soon. Feels good!

Published: 2023-01-22

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