Hello World!

I got the itch. You know the one. The itch to build a new website from scratch. The desire for self expression via declarative markup. The satisfaction that comes with launching a personal website.

The resistance to start comes from wanting to replace everyting at once. So I’m building incrementally. I’ll let the old thing run for a while. Until this new thing feels good enough.

Here’s the plan. I’ve started building danott.website. It will replace www.danott.co. I’m not a company. I’m a person. With a website. I’ve got both domains. Why not?

I’m going to work towards working in the open. This site’s source will be available on GitHub, eventually. I started with a fresh repository so I know there’s no secrets I accidentally committed along the way.

I’ll keep my build tools to a minimum. I’ve got a bespoke Rake task that converts Markdown files into HTML files. It’s got some tests for the particularly tricky bits.

My GitHub workflows and micropub endpoints will be migrated over as needed. And I’ll be able to share the source.

This post marks the changeover. I’ll be publishing new entries to danott.website.

Published: 2024-01-13

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