Of Subdomains & Subdirectories

My website is a place of personal expression. Expression begins disorganized. Exploration drives towards expression. What is shared captures a moment in time of evolving curiosity and scattered expeditions.

Organization inserts itself. Categories, labels, tags, and names are summoned. Order out of chaos. Comfort to face the complexities of human experience. Even a single human’s experience requires comforts.

The comfort brings it’s own challenges. Categories, labels, and names bind available thinking. Future explorations are constrained by constraints we sought out for comfort.

I have poetry to share. Atoms of poems are at different stages of completeness.

Several are drafts I intend to gather into a collection. Others may stand alone. They’re not quite a blog post. They’re not quite a collection. These poems are expressions that feel right at home in the metaphor of a digital graden.

A Five on the Enneagram and Other Myths I Tell Myself is a collection of poetry I “published” in November 2019. In the three years since I’ve committed the greatest sin of a webmaster. The social contract of a cool URI not changing was broken. It not only changed, it disappeared.

I’m ready to make penance. I wil re-publish this collection…somewhere. The options I see:

  1. https://danott.website/poems/five-myths/ is introducing an atom of poetry and the category of poems at the same time. I intend to share more, so I might as well create space for it, right? But that could be premature categorization.
  2. https://danott.website/five-myths/ is introducing the atom itself. Linking to it will be ad-hoc during a time of exploration and gardening. This is a small change that can iterate. Don’t pretend there’s an abundance to explore when there is an instance to observe.
  3. https://five-myths.danott.website could be a separate subdomain to publish this work I consider finished. A subdomain would make the atom of poetry more resilient to changes I’m making on https://danott.website. It’s a cool URI whose only threat is me breaking my DNS. The tradeoff of resilience is not receiving the benefits of global changes to my evolving static site generator.

I’m choosing option two for today. I need to figure out how I want to organize my poetry by publishing more poetry. The categories for browsing the collection will emerge from sharing the members of the collection. Maybe that’s an entire subdomain. Or a plurality of subdomains. Maybe it is individiaual pages with ad-hoc links forever. Order can emerge from chaos only after chaos is allowed to exist.

For today, here is the link: A Five on the Enneagram and Other Myths I Tell Myself.

Published: 2024-03-03

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