Weeknotes: 2024, Week 1

I’m beginning a practice of writing “weeknotes” in 2024. Both inside and outside of work. Work related weeknotes are internal to the company. Personal weeknotes will be published on this blog.

The year started with sickness. I missed the annual New Year’s Eve party with a group of close friends. I spent both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day with Jack Bauer. Revisiting season one of 24 was a gamble. Would it live up to the memories? I’m glad I took the risk. It holds up.

Resolutions are sparse this year. My aim is 1% improvements wherever and whenever there is opportunity. Compounding gains over long periods of time is the way.

Emily and I signed up for the Bluegrass 10,000. A 10k race on the 4th of July. We last ran this race in 2010. My goal is to run it continuously with no walking. I’ve done this multiple times in non-race runs. I anticipate the mental shift of a race day will compel me to move faster, lose focus on my breathing, and overall abandon training. My goal is to remember the training.

There’s also a Shamrock Shuffle (3K) taking place around St. Patrick’s day. We’ve not officially signed up, yet.

The sickness has resulted in me not running, climbing, or lifting in this first week of 2024. I have kept up with stretching which has turned into mini yoga flows a few days. It’s what I could give this week.

I had many moments of meaningful connection with the kids this week. Playing Duck Game. Playing Advance Wars. Building Lego sets that were received for Christmas. Reviewing photographs taken on our cameras.

A new garage door is being installed this week. The old one broke in November last year. I spent this afternoon cleaning the garage to provide adequate access for installation.

Intention around sabbath practice was big this week. We pushed hard Tuesday–Friday as rhythms of work and school picked back up. The house was clean on Friday at 5pm. We assembled a puzzle, ate delivery pizza, watched movies, and let the kids stay up late. Sabbath continued into a restful Saturday morning. We continued eating pizza because a Door Dash error in our favor resulted in our family of five having four large pizzas to consume.

We reflected on our August–November adventure by having the kids put pins on a map.

Emily and I got a giant calendar to map out our year. We mapped out all the major commitments that exist. Now we begin dreaming about what we want to do with the 52 weeks that make up this year. And keeping a visual record of where we choose to be.

I pushed hard at work this week. Probably harder than I should during the first week of ramp up. I want to grow as a manager of managers this year. Part of writing weeknotes is to keep myself accountable to that growth.

I finished my first book of the year. Same as Ever by Morgan Housel. Morgan’s blog at Collab Fund is worth a subscribe for those who RSS.

Published: 2024-01-07

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