Weeknotes: 2024, Week 3

A slower week on the front end.

Snow and freezing temperatures produced non traditional instruction days for the school system. NTI is where kids do roughly 90 minutes of activities in Google Classroom on their Google Chromebooks that were sent home in anticipation of the inclement weather. A burst of focused activity is far superior to the all day Zoom calls that manifested in the 2020 COVID response. “NTI DAY!” in unison is the children’s celebration. Kids these days don’t know that back in my day we got to not go to school for the day. Full stop.

My work days were long. Without the anchor of school drop off I started earlier. And didn’t head to the gym after drop off. And wound up working later because I’m energized by the projects I’m pushing on. I did step away to do some yoga on Apple Fitness+ throughout the week. No climbing or running, sadly.

Evenings were simple. It was Emily’s turn to go to a UK basketball game with friends. They witnessed someone win $10,000 with the halftime half-court shot. Rad.

Hosting dinner and conversation for our house church is routine and refreshing. Break that bread.

We accelerated out of the slowness into the weekend. Atlanta was our destination. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s Restless Leg Tour was our reason. Emily, me, and another couple made the journey together.

The show exceeded the hype. An unexpected amount of emotions came up as the duo chronicled their journey through the nineties and two-thousands. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for their commitment to their craft. Their comedy has created many contexts for curation, conversation, and social connection during a significant portion of my adult life. This weekend included.

Along the way we ate well. Chai Pani for dinner. Pancake Social for breakfast. Kin No Tori for ramen.

We stayed on the Tina Fey kick with an evening showing of the new Mean Girls musical film. I heard little about this project prior to viewing. It was great.

Sunday morning was breakfast at Whiskey Bird. We met up with some of our longest enduring friends. The kind of people who pick up right where we left off. So we did.

The drive home was rich with conversation. Talking about real things in real ways. Emotional exhaustion in the best way possible. Lament for a past. Hope for a future. Enjoying the journey.

A quiet night of catchup with the kids and the grands. Rooted for Buffalo against Kansas City which made for an exciting and fun sense of loss.

Published: 2024-01-21

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