Weeknotes: 2024, Week 5

The family dropped me off at at the Bobby Hotel on Sunday afternoon and I continued in Nashville. Planning Center’s company retreat ran Sunday to Wednesday. Company retreats are prominently characterized as a drag. Planning Center’s retreats are not a drag.

Sunday was cocktail hour and karaoke. I rapped Snoop’s part in a duet of California Gurls.

Monday started with a group run. My 14 minute miles kept me at the back of the pack. Nashville’s riverfront was a fine place to run a 5K. A walking tour of downtown Nashville increased my Willie Nelson knowledge. Office Olympics in front of the Parthenon were cold and fun. Team 7 didn’t place but we all tried our best and had fun. Family style dinner and line dancing at Church And Union amongst workplace proximity associates was a real rowdy dow.

I led yoga on Tuesday morning. A first time for everything under the sun. The window to my back faced Skull’s Rainbow Room, where Willie Nelson played his first show in Nashville according to my walking tour guide. Hiking in Edwin Warner park was an appreciated contrast to the city. Back to the Parthenon for dinner and dancing under the gaze of Athena. Everyone got a bonafide and branded cowboy hat. Yeehaw.

Wednesday found me at Edley’s BBQ talking community with a small group of friends. 12th Ave has changed in the years since I first visited.

I’m thankful to be a part of a team that enjoys spending time together. The Offisite Co did all the heavy lifting of making this retreat happen. They noted that something is different about our company. We are not a family. We are friendly.

Thursday evening was bolognese and coq au vin and conversation with church friends.

Friday was lifting and running and working and leaving town again. E and I threw a total DOG Party (“Dudes Only Getaway,” thanks Brooklyn 99) at Red River Gorge. We celebrated him transitioning to aging in double digits. We played video games, hiked, soaked in the hot tub, watched movies, drank Mountain Dew, ate like kings (Miguel’s), and had all the fun we wanted.

We reunited with the entire family on Sunday. A bit of quiet prepares us for another amazing week.

Published: 2024-02-04

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