Weeknotes: 2024, Week 10

The weeks are catching up with me. Writing a day later than I’d like to because slowing has not come quickly this week.

Shōgun is my new bathtub show. The first three episodes have been great. Curb Your Enthusiasm is also dripping out week over week. Entertainment abounds.

I battled with streaming service sign in to get the Oscars playing on Sunday night. I broke down and signed up for a trial of YouTube TV. It worked really well after all the finicking.

Emily surprised me with a Blackstone grill. I’ve tried putting an aftermarket cast iron flattop on my gas grill but it just doesn’t keep the heat like a dedicated device. The boy and I assembled it after work and that was great. Smash burgers and breakfast food are about to abound.

Friends came to town for the weekend. We got a sitter for all our kids and went to a fancy dinner at Granddam. Braised tri-tip was incredible. Everything was good, but that stole the show for me.

Some routine lifts and a quick 5k kept me active this week. Went to a trampoline park for a kid birthday party. Only observed and no jumping, this time.

When does a bowl become a cup? That is our dumb metaphysical musing this week.

Had Friday off. That was a slow morning that turned into consignment shopping and a taco date.

I’ve been pushing hard at work for the last few weeks. Rallying around a substantial change to internal structure that seems to be well received. The hard work is done, now the hard work begins. Ready to produce flow on top stable supporting structure.

Published: 2024-03-12

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