Weeknotes: 2024, Week 13

Late entry to weeknotes because vacation. I worked extremely long days on Monday and Tuesday to tie up loose ends before departing on Wednesday. The long hours worked. My vacation was truly vacation. No checking in on Slack. No idle thoughts directed toward work problems. Disconnection achieved.

Seven nights in Florida. The days in between spent poolside reading books. A hop into the pool to throw basketballs with children, or throw the children themselves. A lazy river faced the ice cream truck.

My financial goals at 25 were being able to buy my kids ice cream without checking a budget. Kids didn’t come until my 30s. Here at 40, we ate ice cream every day. Dreams can come true.

Airboating the Everglades was neat. It’s a freshwater river, not a swamp, I heard through the earplugs. Flowing slow is still flowing. The flattest land in America. The only place in the world where alligator and crocodile co-exist.

One gulf beach day with its seaweed and sweltering was enough for us. Cannot forego dipping into saltwater when given opportunity.

Zone of Interest on the return flight. What a film.

I bought a headphone splitter at the airport for $10. Foresight would save some cash. Context and availability is a part of pricing. I’d have paid double for the memory making opportunity of splitting The Mandalorian with E.

Great days to be out of town. Tornadoes touched down in our county. No thanks.

Ran once in Florida. No weightlifting. And forgot my stretches. Single room family living will do that.

Teaching H to navigate the airport for the whole family. Nailed it. Opportunities to learn everywhere.

Published: 2024-04-03

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