Weeknotes: 2024, Week 16

“Get on your bikes and ride!” Freddie Mercury’s refrain echoes in my mind every spring. We became an entire family of cyclists for this one. An impromptu mile to Panera bread was the littlest’s first family ride. The cinnamon crunch bagel was so rewarding that the two of us repeated the round trip the next morning. We went even further to Chick-fil-a the morning after that. Nearly five miles on the legacy trail this afternoon. It’s all she wants to do.

Social time was abundant this weekend. Hosting lunch in the afternoon. Attending a birthday dinner in the evening. A third gathering of families on Sunday. Life giving conversation simultaneously drained and recharged. Introversion is wild like that. Time and energy well spent.

Ran a cumulative 12.5 miles this week. Not the most ever, but more than average.

Sauna sits. I’ve driven to the gym just to sit in the sauna a few times this week.

Cool Runnings. Introduced the kids to the Doug E. Doug and John Candy classic. Go Jamaica.

Someone asked me what I’m dreaming about these days. I didn’t have an immediate answer and I’m trying to figure out if that bothers me or not. Dreams are fun to look forward to. But the right now is pretty good.

Published: 2024-04-21

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