Weeknotes: 2024, Week 27

A short week of work. Three days of Monday–Wednesday.

The four-day weekend is where the joy resides. I completed the Bluegrass 10,000. My goal was to run the whole time, and I achieved my goal. Midday was spent poolside. The evening was spent eating ribs and watching fireworks in my friend’s culdasac. No injuries were detected.

Friday was another evening spent at the pool, connecting with friends. It was surprisingly uncrowded for a holiday weekend, which was pleasant.

The boy and I went to Despicable Me 4 in the theater. Pharrell Williams’ music continues to be the most redeeming quality of the franchise. We spent some time at Half-Priced Books, where I stumbled upon some titles on my list of interest for a long time.

Working my way through Cal Newport’s A World Without Email. I can see why this book didn’t get as much traction as his other books, as it’s not as immediately actionable by individuals exercising their own agency. As a leader in an organization, I am challenged to exercise my appetite for experimentation that impacts many people.

Church and pizza and napping rounded out the weekend. Time well spent.

Published: 2024-07-07

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