Weeknotes: 2024, Week 26

I deleted social media apps from my phone. And I didn’t even broadcast my absence before signing off. I’m writing about it on a personal webpage. But who even visits those anymore?

A slow week at home. Swim routines continue. The other set of grandparents came down to watch the competition. Our kids finished their events just before the rain arrived.

Got sunburned lying by the pool on Friday. Took in another complete book in the process. Closed out the day with Indian take-out. Ensuring I was burned both on the outside and the inside.

Emily’s prompting inspired a spontaneous Saturday trip to Mammoth Cave National Park. The supercharger in Elizabethtown made it simple. It was a nice way to beat the heat without sitting in the house all day. The cool temperatures of the cave were delightful. Finished an audiobook in the process.

Watching season 3 of The Bear has been scattered throughout the week’s evenings. It continues in the tradition of previous seasons by being very good.

Running continues to be my aerobic exercise of choice. I’m painfully slow in zone 2, especially in the heat and humidity of the Kentucky summer. Enjoying the process through the seasons.

Published: 2024-06-30

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